Rats in suits 

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Made it through surgery but now it’s 1:30 AM and I’m wracked with pain and strangely starving. Please send help or conversational messages :(

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#Hope you feel better soon 


Tanks gone wild.

New,album coming soon,im having puppys!;)

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D-ix dreamless sleep 

A track I did to try and get a place on a music course,hopefully it does the job,;)

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STUKAS! I think this is the best Techno Viking remix I have ever seen. The music matches perfectly.

Feindflug and techno viking a mix made in heaven,lets see him dancing to gulag or ak47.;)

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i forgot what this is. i made it. it has pretty noises in it. im posting it anyway just to be random.

Fucking creepy,nice!

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